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May 2009 Japan Entry.

rain 12 °C

This is my first blog EVER! I dont know how it will do who will read it or whether i will want to write another!
To...whoevers reading this i am actually in Japan right now believe it or not. The idea was to teach english, not attempted that as yet, but it seems to be another one of my strange decisions to venture off somewhere in a blind attempt to find myself (whatever that means). (Some life mumble jumble there)
I think im still jetlagged! body clock aint caught up with my future- traveling yet.

My friend Ciaran and i live in a strange little flat in a suburb of tokyo. It looks like a retirement village were living in, and our neighbours all seem to be old folk riding bikes that look like their from the 70's. We were joking about as to whether there would 1 bed or 2 when we got to the flat. Turned out there was one single bed, there was 2 bed sets though. Your supposed to sleep on the floor on futons, so thats how it goes. We have a really small table with 2 chairs that are lacking legs, in this tiny kitchenette. The bath is just a weird square box like thing, never seen a bath like it. The toilet actually has what looks like a sink on top of it! which when flushed starts running out the tap!

The subway system is not only really badly set-up, but some stations dont have english and the map of the lines is confusing as theres different lines and different trains with different speeds! When i see japanese people reading books on the subway, they're reading the characters up and down, and it looks like they're decyphering the matrix! I was also under the impression, there was a lot of dentists living in tokyo, as there was people walking around wearing white masks over their faces! Turns out they were not dentists, but they wear these masks either because they dont want to bresthe too much city smog or they have a cold and are considerate enough to put a mask on so as not to pass their cold on!! How Polite! The toilets in public bathrooms, have various buttons on them one of which sprays your arse with a hot jet of water! Ahhhh Luxury! Japanese are extremely polite, maybe a bit too polite, strange folk but ever so respectful, anyone iv spoken to has been willing to help my Gaigin (forienger) self out! One waiter in a pub 2night got on his knees and bowed to us when he brought us the bill! I was honoured! this was after he brought us a complimentary scoop of ice-cream on a spoon! (As you do). I've got to say, its funny and strange being a) the minority and b) 2ft taller than most people.
8,000 miles from home and the people and mannerisms are sooo different, very curious and interesting; although were all just human but we can look on each other as total aliens. Aliens in good ways; greeting the alien (immigrations label of us) with all the help smiles that can be given and bad ways; staring at us like we have 2heads and are breathing fire.
I wonder how humans would take to actual aliens coming to earth. Im guessing even though people would say they'd welcome them with open arms, my guess is it would be far more hostile than this!

When we stepped out the airport doors, to our surprise it was freezing! ah well at least it wasnt raining!
Well, that changed later than night and continued throughout today; it hasnt stopped pissing it down!!
Weather was better back home!! I suppose if it was sweltering hot, id be complaining as well.

As i said, the mere idea of me teaching anyone ANYTHING!! Let alone English, a language i probably get riddiculed for abusing, is total crazy for me or anyone who knows me to grasp. Yet iv come this far and i should probably give it a stab. We had a bit of a orientation today, wasnt really paying attention, (which sums me up!) but il blame it on jetlag, an excuse i dont think will hold up for much longer!

I've learnt never to think too far ahead in life. So im taking this Japan thing day by day/step by step.
I have no expectations of much, so im not going to be dissapointed or surprised. The last 2 days have been pretty mental, in more ways than one; but the fact that i dont know what'll be going on next week let alone next month, is intriguing and scary, but oh well......I'll cross those bridges (whatever they may be) when i come to them!

I dont know if i'll be up for writing another ''blog'', i've never been good at writing, or i might just not want to but any feedback on this weak attempt would be appreciated!! whether i know you well or not!

Ross S

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