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Wednesday 20th May 2009.

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This is my 2nd blog ever!! Well well well, its nearly been a month since my 1st blog. I dont really pay attention to structuring the blogs, i usually just rant. So im going to pen down some of my thoughts and speculations of Tokyo over the last 3weeks.

Its quite daunting when you stop and realise how big Tokyo acutally is. To say its got a Shitload of people would be an understatement. Unlike most conventional cities that consist of a central area and a sprawl leading out to the suburbs, Tokyo is like a whole bunch of mini-cities all dotted about over a very large space! Its beginning to make London look like a hamlet.
At night Tokyo, is a clustrophobic (not always in a bad way) maze of bright lights, and you constantly have to duck and weave your way through the endless flurry of human traffic. I wonder, if theres been a blackout in Tokyo, and when this was. I think if there was everyone would suddenly be at a stand-still and would be essentially blind, although im sure the Japanese have some sort of technology up their sleeve to handle any situation...sneaky bastards...

Japanese people are extremely passive, and respectful, i dont know what the crime rate is but all i can say is; i can move from place to place and train to train and i feel completely safe. For example i once accidently left my wallet on a table somewhere i was getting food, 30minutes later i remembered, ran back in a fit of panic and worry, and it was still there! If this happened at home, it definetely wouldnt be lying there!
I get the impression Japs (think of it as rascist if you like im just shortening Japanese!) live up to their stereotype for having a work ethic like no other. Everyone seems to me like they just ''get on with it'' whatever ''it'' may be, whether your working in mcdonalds, sweeping the streets or the prez-o-dent of a company, no one complains about it and im told that people going on strike is unheard of here! They all look like they have a sense of purpose about them.
On the trains, doesnt matter what time of day it is, theres always a bunch of people sleeping, some standing up! Their like zombies, in this constant routine of spending half your day traveling to work,half your day working and if you can fit sleeping inbetween, then your lucky, people definetely look like they could do with more sleep! Although in contrast to Japs, just ''getting on with it'' iv been told that around 30,000 people committ suicide in Japan each year. wow!
People need to be more alert, you never know when the next attack is coming....from a giant Lizard, or a huge moth!

There is always something that amuses me about japan, whether its the masks they insist on wearing, the badly worded english on some products, the funky video game esq music they sometimes play when train doors open or strannnnnngeeee gameshows on tv. Its definetely a funny culture.
I had taken pictures gathering evidence of playmobile people, im not having a dig at their culture but this is just how i see it, the uniforms
they wear are pretty funny. Also, some of the cars look smaller than normal cars, and are boxed shaped, reminds me of '' micro machines'' a kids toy i used to love as a kid. Its almost like ''Honey, I shrunk Japan''.

I've named this blog as such because, its sums up my impressions of coming to a country where theres such a language barrier. Maybe this is a cool idea, or maybe im just lazy, but it would be good if either a) There were special glasses you could put on which, when looking at a person speak in another language subtitles would appear underneath them.
b) Your could put a wristband on, which enabled either you to suddenly be able to speak a selected language or, enabled someone who you were speaking to, to hear the selected language as apposed to english in which you'd be speaking.
Iv picked up a few odd, phrases here and there, but not much.

Since my last blog, i now live in a different area and apartment. I moved as my mate who i was staying with decided to go back to the homeland. Oh well these things happen! Just gotta, pick up the pieces and go with the flow.
Im now in a single apartment, in which theres a couple o teachers in. Hopefully i can meet some other teachers, but it has proven harder than i thought. One thing the company havent been great at is handing you the opportunity to meet lots of fellow teachers.

I realise that this blog probably should'ave been about teaching, but fuck it iv rambled enough for now...


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